Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lynne in a Top

If I had to literally put my mothers appearance, style, sense of humor, personality in general  in a top, it would be this one:


This SCREAMS Lynne, and I just love it! Now I'm not too fond of how it looks on real people, but let's just appreciate how cute it is from this perspective :)

40th Birthday Lynne

Got her love for color from her mom (Mama Buggs, as we call her) in the turquoise, no doubt ;) Sorry for the blurred faces, just don't want anyone's privacy to feel invaded.
State Fair Lynne.
Margarita Lynne.
Daddy doing his doctor job in a fun way; sports med has its perks! (NYC Madison Square garden tournament a couple years ago) 
NYC Lynne.
I'll never understand turtlenecks but ya still look gorg; mwah.
This is my favorite picture of my parents. Looking pretty good for her age if I do say so myself! And dad looks so happy!

My brother looks so young here!! Weird, but look at stylish momma with her little scarf & button ;)
Boat Lynne.
Nautical Lynne.
Child favoriting Lynne. 
Always Stylish Lynne.

Love you best/cutest Mom in the world!!! 
XO, Ginna [P.S. She calls me Ginna, not Gina. Very different ;) ]
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Work of a true genius!!!!

Has anyone else listened to Brad Paisley's new album This is Country Music that came out this morning backwards and forwards like I have?!

Two Standouts for me:
Love this song for summer, and love the beach boys vibe!

Aaaaand he does it again. Another unique/sappy/sweetest-thing-I've-ever-heard/makes-me-want-a-husband like-him song.

Go listen to his album if you haven't already and tell me your favorites! Or do you not really care for this album/country music? Thoughts! 
XO, Virginia

I'm leeeavin on a jet plane, don't know if I'll be back again

No, I'm not leaving on a jet plane, nor do I really like that song, but nevertheless I am leaving for Summer Camp in... EIGHT DAYS!  You're probably thinking I'm being a big baby because you're leaving soon too but I am freaking out because I'll be gone for eleven weeks. What was I thinking signing up for that long?! I haven't ever been away from the family for EVEN ONE WHOLE WEEK. I know I'll have so so much fun, it's just a little stressful realizing how much more I have to get done/get in the next week before leaving. So many things left to order! But this weekend, I pulled out my brothers camp trunk {he was a counselor at Seagull, the boys "brother" camp to the all girls Camp Seafarer, where I'll be} and started packing! Here are some pictures so you can get an idea of what packing for ELEVEN WEEKS feels like. Sorry for all the caps tonight but I'M A LITTLE STRESSED/EXCITED/ANXIOUS IF YOU CAN'T TELL.
HALF of my norts collection-I only wear these to workout, not for school otherwise I'd probably have even more because I love them so much!

Monogrammed towel wrap/cosmetic case that came in the mail Saturday!!!! LOVE love love love. Came in like three days, and great customer service, can be ordered here. ($45 for the set)


I'm bringing the easy throw on ones because they pack so well.

You'd never know where I want to go to college...haha

think I have enough tee shirts?
Favorite shirt!!! (not really because it's so bright red, but I love the idea the most!)

mug from Preppy Paper Girl! (it's an Etsy site)

I am forreal going to need way more bathingsuits than this, there are a few coming in the mail now so that should help!

Stationary/Journal/Books for "naptime"

See that blue spot on the carpet to the right? That is the result of clumsy feet and an open jar of body scrub. Whoops

At least my room smells like lime coconut now..

I.love.this. Bought it at ULTA Saturday and it's wonderful!! Price tag's a little hefty at $25 for body lotion, but it should last a long time and it smells heavenly!

Think I've got enough toiletries?! This is like 3/4 of it hahaha..what can I say, I'm a girl.

Any Camp Essentials suggestions for this camp n00b?!
Love you all!
XO, Virginia

Little Critters

I have an obsession with baby animals that I find entirely normal, because afterall, how could anyone NOT find these animals adorable!!!

i mean seriously, try telling me you've seen a cuter animal before; you can't!

leeetle lamb, cutie patootie

I'm no member of PETA but these animals look so cute and cuddly, I want a baby elephant soooo badly. ohmuhgoodness.

What's your favorite baby animal?!
Happy Monday!
XO, Virginia

Monday, May 16, 2011

So glad to be back!!!! Top 4 Places I'd Like to Visit

With my recent blogging laziness, and the blogger malfunctions the past couple of days, it feels like I haven't posted in ages!! Or even commented on the blogs I love! *tisk tisk, I know*

Today, I decided to share the top four places I would love to visit before I'm six feet under, ten toes up. 

# 1 - Greece

If this place looks anything like it does in pictures, I"m sure I'd love it!!

# 2 - Kenya

# 3 - Cancun

 #4 - Charleston

Where would you like to go that you haven't yet been? I plan on posting later where I have been and my favorite trips along with some pictures! Happy Monday!
XO, Virginia

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I Listened to Thursday

....while studying for my AP exam that is tomorrow morning...wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Safe to say I've been pretty busy lately

With what, getting married and all. NBD.

I'll post my wedding pics later, but here's our engagement photo for a little sneak peak! :)
Happy Friday!!! (almost..but not really)
XO, Virginia