Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Browsing leads to Online Shopping...Again

So as I was reading through blogs and finding new ones, I came across the boutique Vestique for about the fourth time and I decided it was time to blog about it because I've been in love for about two months now!
It is a boutique that was started by two ladies that have been friends for a long time and quit their jobs to follow their fashion passion and start an online boutique! Here are my favorite pieces from Vestique, and The Red Dress Boutique right now.. 

It's almost Friday, hang in there!
XO, Virginia


Dance party everyone!! I've reached 100 followers (over that now!) Woohoo! 

Love each and every one of ya!
Happy Thursday! 
XO, Virginia

Friday, March 25, 2011

Yurman Ring or Michael Kors Watch?

I have been deciding between these two items for some time and it's time to just go ahead and buy one. Soooo here's where ya'll can help: WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET?!?

David Yurman Woven Cable Ring
- $350-
{$400 after resizing}
I'd have to get the ring re-sized..

Honest Opinions/Thoughts/Reviews pleeeease!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New (mostly to me) Brands!

Before I say anything else, I need to say something I haven't remembered to in a while; THANK YOU to anyone who's following me I cannot believe that I've reached over ninety! I'm planning on having a giveaway at 100 followers, which shouldn't be too long at the rate it's going, under ten away! Tell ya friends ladies and gents! ;)
Onto the good stuff..... I love finding new brands, although they're mainly just new to me, and I thought I'd share some that I've found on blogs, at Red Dress Boutique, or that I've just come across lately! The first is one I found on a blog yesterday, and am sorry to say I can't remember whose blog it was!

This might be my favorite dress I've ever seen!!!

So cute! I'm hooked. But there's more!
Next is a brand I'll bet you've heard of here in the bloggy world but if not, you're missing out! 

Last is Annie Griffin Collection, which is now sold at Red Dress Boutique and I'm l.o.v.i.n'. i.t.

Please let me know what ya'll think, and if you have any brands you think I'll like! As always, hope you're having a great week! XO, Virginia

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Remembering Icon Elizabeth Taylor....

By now you've probably heard about the passing of a great women today, Elizabeth Taylor. Here are some photos to honor her today, and remember her by:

"I'm not worried about dying. I consult with God, my maker. And I don't have a lot of problems to work out. I'm pretty squared anyway."
-Elizabeth Taylor

Her family will be in my prayers, they lost a great one today! 
You can read more about here here if you wish.
XO, Virginia

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Now with my recent lack of posts, I owe you the cutest post the world could possibly offer, but unfortunately I don't have that for you today. I have something better to announce; I've been accepted to be a counselor at the best camp EVA this summer!!! And IT GETS BETTER I've been placed on SAILING STAFF!!!!! From what I understand, that is the hardest to get, just because everyone wants it and that makes me even MORE excited; didn't think I could get any more excited, did ya? You know what this means?? (besides no eating until august so I can wear these suits hahaha jkjk) SWIIIIMMMMSUUUUIIITTTSSS and TONS of them. I'm actually going to get TAN this summer! I'm still in shock that with my not-so-early application and never having gone to their full month camp as a kid/early teen I got the job AND got put on sailing staff! You've got to understand this is a tough place! YAHOOO! I know I can't just talk all about this and then not show some pictures! 
(All taken from either the Seafarer website or their blog right here.

P.S. I can't believe I have yet to share the best part... the boy's camp is across the road, yeah yeah yeahhh

"Throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
--Mark Twain

Let me know what your summer plans are, if you've ever been to summer camp, and how you liked it if so!!
As always, hope you have a wonderful week! XO, Virginia

P.P.S. I do appreciate brutal honesty when I ask for "reactions" at the end of posts, but what in the WORLD is boring about Brad Paisley and Old Alabama?! ;) Haha

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Old Alabama - Brad Paisley ft. Alabama

Linking up with Sarah @ We're Just Like You Only Prettier!

How cool is it that Brad decided to work with the band Alabama on his new song?! I love how he's added tunes from the old songs...Brad's brilliant. Pure brilliance.

Almost time for my brother's SB to end and him to go back to school & though I appreciate him showing me this song, I'm thankful that I only have to take so much more of his constant energy hahaha..
Happy Thursday & St. Patty's Day!