Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Favorite List

I read the "Favorites List" Tag on Ashley's blog, and Emily's and decided to make my own!
Yes these are Japanese square Watermelon, haha! I've always wanted one..

{1} food. The only food I'll never get sick of is watermelon

{2} color. turquoise/peachy coral together 

{3} animal. dolphins

{4} sports team. {college + pro} Duke Mens Basketball {Or SEC Football} + Baltimore Ravens

{5} dessert.  lemon/raspberry cheesecake or fruit

{6} artist/singer/band. Billy Currington/Carrie Underwood/Dave Matthews Band/Corey Smith/ Josh Mayer

{7} pair of shoes. cowboy boots year round, sandals/wedges in the summer, and riding boots/flats in the fall

{8} outfit. most basic? straight leg jeans, cowboy boots, and a flowy top

{9} store. Red Dress Boutique, Uniquities, Charlotte's

{10} brand. Affordable: Glam/ Random brands from Red Dress Boutique Pricey: Tibi, Trina Turk, Milly, SHOSHANNA

{11} perfume. DKNY Pure or Delicious && One that my parents brought be in Paris!

{12} accessory. blackberry or crossbody bag - both make it everywhere with me {With Louis, my LV wallet of course}

{13} city. Charleston, SC {I've never even been there...}

{14} hobby. Blogging, crafting, socializing, online shopping....

{15} beauty product. Mascara

{16} snack. Danon Light & Fit yogurt or ...WATERMELON

{17} holiday. Christmas or the 4th of July because the whole family's together {All eight of my dads siblings & offspring}

{18} movie. The Notebook {I'm not a movie-holic but I'm sure I'm leaving out many great ones}

{19} song. I just posted this, but I've been asked sooo.. Louis Armstrong -When You're Smiling {the whole world smiles at you}

{20} guilty pleasure. blogging...I know there are thousands of more productive ways I could be spending my time haha...but who cares it's so fun! :)

I tag :

Rachel @ Just Peachy

& Everyone else who wants to join!


Jana said...

I just had to unfollow and re-follow your blog. I just realized it hasn't been showing "new" posts in my google reader... so sorry I haven't commented on anything! I hope there aren't other blogs it's doing it with. Anyways, just wnated to tell you bc I have been following you for a while, just not seeing updates :-(

Jana said...

But I am going to catch up on everything now :-)

LC said...

I love Corey Smith too! Just found your blog and it's really cute :)

thesisterhoodofspiritualsinglemoms said...

Where in the world do you find those square watermelons? Better yet, how do you cut them? I am intrigued and want to get one!