Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Remembering Icon Elizabeth Taylor....

By now you've probably heard about the passing of a great women today, Elizabeth Taylor. Here are some photos to honor her today, and remember her by:

"I'm not worried about dying. I consult with God, my maker. And I don't have a lot of problems to work out. I'm pretty squared anyway."
-Elizabeth Taylor

Her family will be in my prayers, they lost a great one today! 
You can read more about here here if you wish.
XO, Virginia


Holden said...

she is simply stunning, you just dont see that old school classique glamour now days <3

Abby said...

Such a legend, definitely going to watch some of her classics this wknd.
On a lighter note, I stumbled across your blog and love it! And from a past post I get the impression that you sew. I have yet to find a fellow blogger who sews! I'm still working on my skills, but it is a nice hobby. Going to make a summer dress next I think. Anyways, I'm looking forward to being a follower:)

Katy said...

Hi! Stumbled across your blog, and it's so cute!

Liz Taylor was the last real Hollywood star. She's going to be greatly missed.