Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog Button?

Okay, so because I am new to blogging (Relatively) I'm not the best when it comes to advanced things - and one thing I consider more advanced is a blog button! I've tried making several on gimp and used these instructions to try to code them, but it's just simply not working for me! Any help here?! Has anyone successfully created their own blog button or is this something to save for a blog designer? I want to hear all about it please! Hope everyone has had a good weekend, I'm finally home again! I'll be posting about my Spring Break trip to Vail, CO very soon. XOXO, Virginia

Here are rough drafts of buttons I've started - which is your fav?!

1 comment:

Ashley Lauren said...

I love the first one {green} the best!!!!! xo
ps. how do you make blog buttons???? ahh someone show me! Lol