Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Let it Go..

There are about a million thousand things I would change about today if I could do it over, but hey,  I'm alive,  my family is healthy and my shelter's still around me, so sometimes it's best to just let the little things go and be thankful for what I have... hard for me to remember to do sometimes.  I'm sorry to be such a debby downer, who wants to associate themselves with a negative person?  I know I sure don't, so moving on! 
In good news, Spring Break starts this friday!!!!

I don't know what it is, but I'm diggin' Shania this week, It'd been WAY too long since I'd listened to her, over a year and now I can't stop.

Hope you all got off to a better start of the week, and know how much I appreciate my 59 followers!! That is ca-razy, I didn't think I'd ever have more than one (myself) when I started this, and now I've "met" so many fabulous people from the blogging world! Love hearing from each and every one of you!
XOXO, Virginia

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner...wait, I mean Oscar attender...

Go ahead, laugh. That is the cheesiest/lamest post title ever but at 10:40 there was not much else I could come up with, hahaha! Soooo after returning from work, I decided to take a look at what the celebs rocked on the Red Carpet! Here are my thoughts ...

Favorite Looks:

So  chic, classic, and gorgeous! ( I also love the dress she's wearing right now while she's singing!)
Love the feminine look- it'd been too long since I'd seen lavender! 

I can totally see why not everyone will like this, but in my opinion it was about time some color was worn, it's California after all!

Loooooved this, and I couldn't tell you why at all.  So pretty and I'm not normally impressed by her.

Of course I'm going to like whatever Reese does, but this was just too fabulous! Can I be here pu-lease?!

;) You go, Sandra
LOVE the color and the style - don't have any clue who this is though!

Erin Andrews looked ah-MAZING!
I love the simplicity of this - and it was the color of the night, RED!
Now the not-so-fab:
Ew anyone? Looks like it was dyed in urine..TMI I know, sorry

Good idea, bad presentation

I don't know these celebs, but their style sure doesn't make me wish I did!

Not that I expected anything different from this freak-a-deak lady....

Not a fan...nice guy, weird look

I know analyzing men's outfits is boring, but can this guy seriously not just let his hair dry before showing up to the Oscar's?!

:( I like the idea, just not the presentation.  I feel awful for saying that...
WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?! Time to dish, do you agree or not at all? I wanna know, so comment below!
Anywho, hope it's an amazing week ladies!
XOXO, Virginia

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random facts about the girl behind the blog..or behind THIS blog at least!

So because I have been such a slacker when it comes to keeping updated on the blog challenges and such that most have already completed, instead of making it official, I will just give ya'll some interesting facts about me! Before I begin I want to say thank you SO much to Portugese Prepster for giving me this award a while back I'm in love with her blog so please go check it out!

1. I was born in NC, lived here for one year, moved to Baltimore, MD, lived there for six/seven years, then moved back here in second grade and have been here ever since! GO RAVENS

2. I have attended private school since second grade and at times I wish I didn't go to such a small school, and at times I am glad I do (smaller class sizes, ability to play sports etc.) There are about four hundred people in the High School of my K-12 school.

2. I HATE women's sports (with exceptions, you'll see)..don't get me wrong, I've played lacrosse for some time but I am not a fan of watching women's sports..I'm just not. I'm not a feminist, or the opposite, it's just a preference thing I guess. LOVE football NFL or NCAA, college men's basketball  (No WNBA for me, thanks) and men's lacrosse. That's pretty much it. Football is by far favorite. That being said, I do love watching women's gymnastics and ice skating and I think dancing is beautiful! 

3. I love the beach and I miss it so very much each day, my grandparents live at their beach house on the coast of NC for nine months out of the year, and the others are spent either working at their hospitals in Haiti or walking across Europe. They have had this yearly schedule for as long as I can remember; they have the best hearts and relationship with Jesus I have ever seen, I admire them so much!

4. My college list has changes a THOUSAND times from desperately wanting to go to Duke, to considering Clemson, but the list is complete and as follows: UNC, UGA, Furman, or Wofford. All south of the Mason Dixon line and all very good schools in my opinion in great places with beautiful campus's!

5. I own a guitar, and took acoustic lessons for a few months but then stopped because of sports and have always wanted to start playing again! I know all the chords but I'd like to get pretty good some day.  I have mastered "Our Song" and pretty much all Taylor Swift's songs but those are all I can play :) It's not a secret but I never tell people how much I play guitar! I definitely do more guitar than T.V.

6. I am applying to be a camp counselor this summer at Camp Seafarer in Arapahoe, NC! I am so stinkin' excited and my interview is in the next couple of weeks. This sounds pretty snobby to most I bet, but I've been going there my whole life, and my dad works there a week each summer as the doctor (He's an Orthopedic Surgeon) so I am pretty sure I am going to get the job and I can't wait!!

7. I love running, I'm training to run my first Half Marathon in South Carolina later this Spring with one of my friends! I hope that I follow through with doing it because I think it'll be so much fun, and there's no doubt that running is great for you! ;)

Alrighty, that's all the facts for now, there are PLENTY more to come soon! What are some things I should know about ya'll?! Comment telling me pu-lease ladies! xoxo, Virginia

Hello! Hola! Abenaki! Hallo! Halo! Namaste! Etowi! Hoi!

If you haven't already guessed, the title is a little hello in several languages referring to the countries of visitors I have on my blog! I was so surprised to check the "audience" tab on my stats list and find out that I have page visitors from other countries, and even more so to find out where from! I'll let you take a look for yourself, this is over the past two weeks :

Now it's not too many, but how cool is that?! So HEY to all you out there!! Thanks for stopping by and I love comments more than you'll ever know so please leave one! Or two, or five... ;) 
XOXO, Virginia

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Brotha!!

Happy Nineteenth Birthday to my favorite brother C.T.! Even if I did actually have another brother to compare him to I'm sure he'd still be my favorite ;) He's the best big brother anyone could ask for I don't think we've ever gotten in a fight which is crazy because my sister and I tear each other's heads off! I miss him a lot because he's at an all boy's boarding school in VA, but I'll get to see him again for Spring Break! Aaaanywho I'm hoping his birthday is extra special this year with the goodies we sent him and here are some pictures to celebrate!
Ignore my cheeks...okay I know it's hard they are HUGE but quit laughing we get it I was a FAT BABY hahaha - this was in Maryland where we actually got real snow!

We're goobers, I know.

Oh, back when I was wait that was probably a participation trophy, yeah that's what it was...{yes I realize I am a narcissist every picture I'm speaking about myself hahaha}

I love going to his football games {even though the home games are four hours from me!} and can't wait to see him play {or watch from the sideline hahaha} as a  Tiger next year! War Eagle!! He's beyond excited, Auburn's going to be the perfect fit for him, and that makes ME excited yayay!

Can't believe he is 19!!! And next year is TWENTY? I wonder how it makes my momma feel knowing she had her first baby t.w.e.n.t.y. years ago-dang, haha! 
Hope ya'll are having an amazing week! XO, Virginia

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teenage Dream etc. GiveAway Winner!!!!!!

Thank you to each one of you who entered! I l.o.v.e.d. visiting all my new followers' blogs!

Now now, I wish I didn't have to pick a winner but the winner is.........Ashley @Texas Prep!!!!!!

Congrats Ashley!!

 I hope you're all having a FABULOUS tuesday and be on the look out for more giveaways in the future! 
P.S. Wish me good luck on my first day at my new job this weekend :)
Au Revoir! Virginia

Monday, February 21, 2011

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" - Marilyn Monroe

If you don't already know, I am obsessed with shoes. Particularly wedges, but really I just think a good pair of shoes is so important, so here are some that I've been loving lately {and can by no means afford!} ;)
Kate Spade -  I think this would be the prettiest wedding shoe ever!



Love tory burch! I've been dying for these rainboots and a pair of miller sandals for quite some time now.


I hope I didn't bore ya'll, after all I did post over 40 pairs of shoes, ha! But I did think it was about time you knew about my obsession..or at least about time I released the thought from my head :) Let me know if you want to know where any particular pair is from! Happy Monday, night lovelies! XO, Virginia