Monday, February 7, 2011

Judith March Spring 2011 MUST haves!

Am I the only one drooling over their spring line?! Okay so even though they're all "must haves" I'm going to have to narrow this down to one or two - so that's where you guys come in- help! They're all too cute and I have LOVED Judith March in the past, but this Spring is the best yet and it's making the decision even harder; here are my favorites in random order! 

I'd love to wear this dress for easter! So pretty and so cute!
 So cute for a concert, cookout, beach party, anywhere!
 If I go to UGA this next dress will be perfect!

 I think the next one would be super cute to wear to an Auburn game at the beginning of next fall if the football thing works out for my brother! 
All are available at Red Dress Boutique in Athens, GA! I hope they're okay with me putting their link on here! Just click on the Picture/Caption to take you to the site where they're all available for Pre-Order to start shipping in mid-feb to mid-march! Hope everyone's having a great week thus far! 


Miss Southern Prep said...

All of these are gorgeous! I especially love the second dress!

P.S. Thanks for following my blog! Hope you're having a fabulous week!

Lacie ♥* said...

The first is AMAZING! :) I love it! We may end up having the same Easter dress now that I've seen this one haha! & I also love the one shoulder with blue & white stripes, fourth one down!

<3 Have a good day!

Love, Lacie

Michelle said...

Hey girl, loved reading your comment on my Bachelor post last night!! Tried emailing you back, but I'm not sure if it worked. :s & I'm obsessed with these dresses, they're too cute!

Brianna said...

such adorable dresses!
I CAN NOT wait for WARM weather to wear cute cute dresses!


Bee said...

I recently discovered Judith March and LOVE her stuff. All of the ones you posted are adorable!

Maggie @ CheapCollegeChic said...

OMG I looooove the first dress! SO adorable! maybe it will be my graduation dress! thanks for the inspiration :)

Rachel said...

OMG How did I not see this post sooner? IF you go to UGA? That's where I go :) So yea, you should definitely go there. And Red Dress is literally one of the cutest stores downtown here.. just so you know what you're working with shopping wise ;)

SO exciting to see a fellow blogger thinking about UGA. :)

supershopper said...

Totally okay with you posting this!! Love it!!
Diana, owner
Red Dress Boutique