Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner...wait, I mean Oscar attender...

Go ahead, laugh. That is the cheesiest/lamest post title ever but at 10:40 there was not much else I could come up with, hahaha! Soooo after returning from work, I decided to take a look at what the celebs rocked on the Red Carpet! Here are my thoughts ...

Favorite Looks:

So  chic, classic, and gorgeous! ( I also love the dress she's wearing right now while she's singing!)
Love the feminine look- it'd been too long since I'd seen lavender! 

I can totally see why not everyone will like this, but in my opinion it was about time some color was worn, it's California after all!

Loooooved this, and I couldn't tell you why at all.  So pretty and I'm not normally impressed by her.

Of course I'm going to like whatever Reese does, but this was just too fabulous! Can I be here pu-lease?!

;) You go, Sandra
LOVE the color and the style - don't have any clue who this is though!

Erin Andrews looked ah-MAZING!
I love the simplicity of this - and it was the color of the night, RED!
Now the not-so-fab:
Ew anyone? Looks like it was dyed in urine..TMI I know, sorry

Good idea, bad presentation

I don't know these celebs, but their style sure doesn't make me wish I did!

Not that I expected anything different from this freak-a-deak lady....

Not a fan...nice guy, weird look

I know analyzing men's outfits is boring, but can this guy seriously not just let his hair dry before showing up to the Oscar's?!

:( I like the idea, just not the presentation.  I feel awful for saying that...
WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?! Time to dish, do you agree or not at all? I wanna know, so comment below!
Anywho, hope it's an amazing week ladies!
XOXO, Virginia


Portuguese Prepster said...

I loved Reese Witherspoon's dress!

Jules said...

We were on the same wavelength and I completely forgot about Nancy O'Dell. She looked beautiful in that turquoise gown.

Jessica said...

I loved everything about Reese's look last night. And that color is perfect fo Nancy O'Dell.