Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy's RC Looks: Flops and Slam Dunks

FIRST OFF: Thanks to everyone that has entered my first giveaway! I am so excited to pick a winner on the 22nd, and love each and every one of my followers old and new! OK so here we go:
Hands down this takes the cake; worst outfit at the Grammy's. Who let her out of the house?!
I've never been overall more disappointed about the attire for a Red Carpet function than I was tonight! It is safe to say that my expectations were too high, and I should have known better than to think the stars always get it right. Anyhow, I'd like to start off with some of the looks that made me question the quality of the mirrors that were used tonight (and of course the eyes of the stylists and gown-bearers)!

I mean it's not the worst, but not my cup of tea

I don't think a dress this length should be worn all.

I love Will Smith, but he has GOT to do something about this little girl - save this ten year old child from herself, it's not her fault she doesn't know better!!

Sorry Cindy..but it's your own fault.

No, thanks.

I don't get what isn't wrong about this look. 

Maybe this was a biased selection, but I am NOT a Gretchen Wilson fan. I love country so much but I think she's kind of just trash..(sorry)!

I don't get why the E! host always has the cutest clothes, but she never disappoints in my opinion! Now all she needs to do is go eat a sandwich.

I would change the hair if I were her, but love the pretty yellow.
Love both of these! Classy and sexy at the same time; not an easy thing to do.

That's all for now, I'd love to hear what your favorite looks of the night were and if you agree or completely disagree! Hope ya'll had a good weekend!
 xoxo, Virginia


Jules said...

Too funny! I just saw the chick in the first pic you posted on Jay Leno. The Situation was interviewing her. Horrible and I don’t know how I missed it last night.

I agree with all of your worst dressed and can see that I missed a few that should have been added to my worst list.

Jennifer Hudson looked so pretty! I also really liked Selena Gomez, J. Lo and Eva Longoria.

Beth Dunn said...

The Grammys are always interesting for the outfits!