Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Being 17, Wishing I was 20....Dream Outfits!

I would have said 21 just like in the Corey Smith song, but I feel like that means something entirely different than what I mean. I mean the 20 that makes it acceptable to wear high heels everywhere you go, the 20 that means traveling fun places without parents, the 20 that means it's acceptable to carry Louis Vuitton, and the twenty that means college! Here's what I would wear if I were 20 now: (And had the proper re$ources to obtain the outfits of course..)

If you're dying to know where any particular item is from, comment or e-mail me I'd be happy to tell you! Otherwise, hope everyone's having a great week, and enjoying nice weather like I am here! It's supposed to be 75 Degrees on Saturday- Hooray!! xoxo, Virginia

 (P.S. I'm 16 but I like the ring of 17 better {the post title}, and I'm almost 17 anyhow haha!)


Abby said...

You don't have to be 20 to wear high heels everywhere... trust my friends and I wore them all the time to school :) I know its silly, but everyone did! So I say rock them! btw I love those outfits!!

PinkLouLou said...

You are precious. PS your "20s" are fun. But I am just going to tell you they are hard too. So appreciate everyday, and don't you dare wish it away. It goes SO fast. :)

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love that last set! I would say totally rock the heels anytime you want!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know where the coral strapless dress is from!