Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This semester is flying by (though not quite fast enough); I can't believe I haven't posted since February! Last time I posted, I was deciding where to go to college, and I am so glad I've finally made my decision! A few days after my post, I got my acceptance letter from Clemson. I can't remember a time I'd ever been so happy/giddy as when I saw the big envelope! Ultimately, it came down to Furman and Clemson and if you can't tell by what I've already been saying, I chose...

Clemson!!!!!! Go Tigers!

Last week, I visited both schools for the third time. First, I visited in 2010 where I decided the two schools were in my top five. Then I visited this past fall before I applied, and my most recent visit was for the Clemson open house and Furman accepted students day. I honestly was SOOO impressed by Furman, and I know I would have loved it there too, but Clemson just got me so much more excited! And I am hoping to transfer into Nursing, a major not available at Furman. I already have a great roommate & have sent in my deposit, etc! Yay! All that's left is graduation.
Any graduation dress suggestions?

Anyone else watch Revenge tonight/watch the show Awake? Obsessed. Oooobsessed. 

Excited to go to Charleston this weekend for my grandparent's 50th! I'll be sure to take pictures!