Thursday, April 28, 2011

And the Countdown begins...

Sweetness all Around

It's almost Friday, hang in there!! 
XO, Virginia

What's the Big Woopdidoodle?

I don't get what's so great about Pandora Bracelets. I know, I know, you all love them. I might regret posting this but I was just reading another blogger who was thrilled about receiving another charm for her bracelet and I had to ask-why does everyone love them so much?? I think they look like cheesy bracelets you could buy at a craft fair.
(Insert cringe here)

Maybe it's just me. Do you think it's something I'll like when I'm older? What are your thoughts cause I need to know. Hope everyone's having a good week! 
XO, Virginia

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Love these looks designed by Drew @ Coral Cafe! Check out her blog it is so cute!

XO, Virginia

Princess Bride

I know most of you are probably sick of all this chatter surrounding the Royal Wedding scheduled for this Friday, buuuut...I'M NOT! :)
 I read the other day that the wedding budget is 20 million dollars so I think Kate's dress is probably going to be kind of pretty. Instead of sharing what I think her dress will look like, I'm going to post some of my favorite wedding dresses! 

Of course, the gorgeous Vera Wang dress Kate Hudson wore in Bride Wars (...swoon)

What are your favorite styles? Let me know! Happy Hump Day!
XO, Virginia

Monday, April 25, 2011

That's Mrs. Easter Bunny to You, missy

Yeah, you read right; this year, I was Mrs. Easter Bunny. I'll explain that in a moment though..for now, let me tell you about my week(end) from the beginning....

Wednesday night as I packed for the beach so that we could leave Thursday after school, my brother called me to tell me he'd found a way to make it home for Easter! I won't go into too many details, but he got to ride home on his friend's private jet. Say whaaaat?! He's the spoiled one of the family, for sure.

Thursday we headed down to my grandparents house at the beach to spend some time with my grandparents before the whooole fam got there, and it was so nice to see them alone for a little while! It can get a little overwhelming at their house over Easter & July 4th because there are always sooo many family members running around.

Friday we walked down town and shopped, then got some ice cream at our favorite place in town:
Saturday we rode on the boat and got pulled over by the boat po po for riding on the bow:
(Sorry I'm not sorry) ;)

Uncle driving the boat 
The marina where my grandpa keeps his boat!
For easter I wore an outfit similar to this, but with a different Lilly P. dress. I'm posting this dress because mine isn't on Polyvore and I think this would've been pretty for Easter!
I know it looks like a jewelry overload here, but on me I think it's just fine.
Afterward church, we walked back to my grandparents house for the Easter egg/basket hunt! This year I knew the Easter bunny'd come for sure because my older cousin and I got to hide the baskets the night before. I, being overly competitive made the hiding spots a little more difficult than I think my grandparents were expecting, and it was oh-so-fun to watch the frustrated faces turn to bright smiles once my cousins finally found their baskets! The egg hunt was even more fun because I didn't actually know where eggs were hidden and I pretended to help out the little ones while I looked high and low for every last plastic egg I could find; I'm such a kid, it was so fun!!

To finish off the great weekend at the beach, we all headed down to the property across the street from our house to eat brunch before driving home. (and I got out of my dress as fast as I could :D)
Notice anything new..? MUH RING CAME -YEHOOOO, & it fits! :D
Just as sweet as she is pretty :) Isn't she photogenic?!

Grandpa (dad's side) & cousin jFr!
I swear she needs to be a child model-ohmygoodness
silly galz
Hope your Easter was as wonderful as mine! What did you do during your time off? Let me know! 
XO, Virginia

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It is Finished

This is such a great song; I know not everyone is religious and this is certainly heavy stuff but this is a song I've been listening to and singing this weekend in particular. The singer/songwriter is the Worship leader at my church, and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to listen to him weekly!

It is finished
It is done
To the world salvation comes
Hallelujah, we're alive!
Hell was silenced when you cried:
It is finished
It is done
Now completed, the work of Love
Hallelujah, He's alive

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! Have any of you heard this song before, enjoy it or not for you? Let me know! XO, Virginia

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

International Style

Tomorrow my school is having International Day, which basically means a day of celebration and good food! There are various tables each representing a country, and a food that represents it & the culture! So I decided to post a couple outfits inspired from all around the world!

(I would probably not wear any of these outfits, but still thought this was super fun!)

Whatcha think? Let me know down below! Love you all!
XO, Virginia

Ding Ding Ding, We Haaaave A....

WINNA!! A couple of days ago I was awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by the lovely cAc over at Life in The Sweet Virginia Breeze and it absolutely made my week! :)
I am supposed to share seven facts about myself, and I'm going to have to get creative on this one because I feel like by now I've shared all there is to know! Please excuse me if there are any repeat facts!
Next I am to pass the award onto fifteen other bloggers, so here goes it!

1. I love patterns- they make my heart go piddy-pat.


2. I loooove my blackberry, but am secretly jealous of my dad's iphone 4 (which he got for free today) but would never admit my anyone.

3. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR FOR PROM IN TWO WEEKS. I know I'm not wearing a long dress, and I refuse to wear cheesy a silk/bling/fluorescent/j-lo cut typical prom dress; HELP! 

4. My yurman ring comes TOMORROW! It was quicker than they estimated because? They're charging me $85..I honestly did not care at this point I just said I wanted it asap. 

5. I read blogs all day long yet feel like I only post twice a week now; I'm working on updating more frequently in the future!

6. I haven't hosted my giveaway yet (for reaching 100+ followers) because I CAN'T DECIDE WHAT TO GIVEAWAY!!! Help, help, help!


Instead of tagging 15, I'm giving this award to all of you readers so please post your seven facts and let me know so I can know more about you! Happy Tuesday!
XO, Virginia