Friday, April 1, 2011

Compromise & Swimsuits!

Alright, well thank you SO much for your input about whether I should get the tortoise Michael Kors watch or the Yurman ring! {If you didn't see that post, here's the link!} After hearing each one of your lovely thoughts out, I did what I normally do and didn't buy either haha! I am the WORST decision maker, something that a.) Any one of my friends could tell you and b.) if you don't already know, you will learn pretty fast. While browsing blogs yesterday I came across the website for the company Fornash and browsed around through their cute things yesterday. What did I find? A Michael Kors watch look-a-like for $50! Tell me your honest opinion on this one please, but I'm groovin' on this one! And because it was only $50, I was able to get the bone color also!

I like this one because it's more springy/summery!

I'll post pictures when they get here but I decided to order these so that I could save $100 and get the ring also! 

And in the mean time...I forgot to update! I got these bathing suits to start my collection for this summer (I'll be on sailing staff at camp and need tons!)

From Nordstrom:

Ralph Lauren Ruffle Halter - $58

And from Victoria's Secret:

& the last one:

For the unique colors, I got corresponding bottoms but for the black and white I got them at Target! I was not about to buy the Ralph Lauren bottom for $50, I saved forty dollars and it's not even noticeable. Which ones are your faves? I forgot all about the fact that I have some swimsuits at home! Haha, and if you think I went crazy for just one day, well, I just got my paychecks transferred over and was in the mood to PURCHASE! {And yes, I've been tithing as always :)}

Hope ya'll are having a Fabulous Friday!
XO, Virginia


Mallory said...

I love them all! I think the last one is my favorite!

True Southern Prep said...

Love the watches and the bathing suits are adorable! Let me know how they work out for you! I need a watch and new bathing suit badly. :)

Mallory said...

I sent you an email about my giveaway so be sure to check it out so I can get it to you! :)

The Life We Love said...

Your page is great. Just started reading. LOve the watch have it in gold. LOVE it and get tons of compliments. Also love love love the ring. HMmm that a tough one. Get the watch this month get the ring in a few. Ultimately you will end up with both:)

cAc said...

LOVE the first one from RL! VS had a similar top a couple of years ago and I have been searching for one ever since!