Monday, April 11, 2011

Where I Work!

While writing my weekend recap post, I realized I've never shared where I work! Because of my age, I'm pretty limited in terms of where I can work, so self serve Froyo shop is what I applied for! {yumm} I applied in November/December expecting it to open the first week of January but it was pushed back each week until the last week of February and so I've been there about a month and a half! I seriously think it's the most frequently visited (store? shop?) place in my area. It's called Tutti Frutti and here are some pictures of the chain to give you an idea of what it looks like inside! Yes, it's self serve, so job it not demanding but I'll be you'd be surprised how draining being SUPER friendly all day is. 
First, you choose your flavas..16 to choose from!
It's always this packed at night..kinda crazy!


Then you weigh and pay!

 If you live in the triangle stop by and see me!!!! :) 
 XO, Virginia


Staci Lee said...

Where is Tutti Frutti?? We have Freshberries close by and I feel like I have heard of Tutti Frutti but have no clue where it is.

Alexandria said...

I'm coming to Tutti Frutti soon and you better be working when I do!!!


LC said...

I swear these places are everywhere now. I didn't know there was one in Chapel Hill though. I'll have to stop by :)