Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Brotha!!

Happy Nineteenth Birthday to my favorite brother C.T.! Even if I did actually have another brother to compare him to I'm sure he'd still be my favorite ;) He's the best big brother anyone could ask for I don't think we've ever gotten in a fight which is crazy because my sister and I tear each other's heads off! I miss him a lot because he's at an all boy's boarding school in VA, but I'll get to see him again for Spring Break! Aaaanywho I'm hoping his birthday is extra special this year with the goodies we sent him and here are some pictures to celebrate!
Ignore my cheeks...okay I know it's hard they are HUGE but quit laughing we get it I was a FAT BABY hahaha - this was in Maryland where we actually got real snow!

We're goobers, I know.

Oh, back when I was wait that was probably a participation trophy, yeah that's what it was...{yes I realize I am a narcissist every picture I'm speaking about myself hahaha}

I love going to his football games {even though the home games are four hours from me!} and can't wait to see him play {or watch from the sideline hahaha} as a  Tiger next year! War Eagle!! He's beyond excited, Auburn's going to be the perfect fit for him, and that makes ME excited yayay!

Can't believe he is 19!!! And next year is TWENTY? I wonder how it makes my momma feel knowing she had her first baby t.w.e.n.t.y. years ago-dang, haha! 
Hope ya'll are having an amazing week! XO, Virginia

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