Friday, March 25, 2011

Yurman Ring or Michael Kors Watch?

I have been deciding between these two items for some time and it's time to just go ahead and buy one. Soooo here's where ya'll can help: WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET?!?

David Yurman Woven Cable Ring
- $350-
{$400 after resizing}
I'd have to get the ring re-sized..

Honest Opinions/Thoughts/Reviews pleeeease!


Elizabeth said...

Hmmm...what a tough choice! I just got a David Yurman ring and I am completely, totally, in love with it! They told me it can never be resized though so I would make sure yours can before you buy it if it is the wrong size.

I love the watch too! Its so neutral so it would go with everything but the dial and face are simply gorgeous!

stephanie said...

I vote watch. But obviously they're both cute! Great blog by the way :)

Alexandria said...

The ring is gorgeous! But the watch is more unique.
So it really depends what you're going for.

Love the post!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

i think the watch...i LOVE michael kors watches! the yurman ring is pretty, but a) it's more expensive and b) it's not as distinctive as the watch

Rachel @ Just Peachy said...

I'd go for the watch! But I may be bias since I'm obsessed with Michael Kors watches.. but really you can never have enough. :)

Both will be classic and in style forever buut I'd go for the watch!


Rissy said...

watch. definitely watch. I die for that watch. My sister in law has it, and I want to steal it. I mean I won't though because I love her : )

And I feel weird giving an opinion on this since this is my first time stopping by your blog! oops


Fash Boulevard said...

love these. another amazing post love. i'll take the watch please. lol. Don't forget to check out Lauren Conrad's unaired promo to the show MTV decided not to pick up. Exclusively at...

Caroline Hallemann said...

I have to vote watch on this one. Not only is it less expensive, but it's a piece you'll get so much wear out of! The ring is gorgeous too, but it's not as much of a statement accessory.

Emily said...

I really like the watch....I was considering getting it but my mom doesn't like the gold so its a no go. Honestly, I went into fossil and I like their tortouise watch better than the michael kors its only 105 dollars and fossil makes michael kors - so you're paying 90 more dollars for the name.

Maybe if you bought the fossil watch you could get both the ring and a watch because the ring is gorgeous as well.

Shannon said...

I own the watch...and LOOOOOVVVVVE it! It was a Valentine's gift from my husband.

I get tons of compliments on it everywhere I go!

I own the
MICHAEL KORS Oversized Tortoise Watch
Price: $250.00

He purchased it from Norstroms!

The ring is gorgeous too!

Fun blog, by the way! New follower!




cAc said...

I miiiight like the ring more!

Kassandra said...

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