Monday, March 14, 2011

**SPOILER ALERT: The Bachelor!**

WHaaaaaaaat?! Okay, so don't get me wrong, I have been rooting for Emily the whoooole time BUT I read spoilers at the very beginning of the season {I.E. the first night of the show...} that said Chantal was going to win the whole thing.  When he opened with, "I have been searching my whole life for you," I thought for sure he was picking her, but he chose Em instead!  Kind of shocked, and I think I'm happy about this - but goodness I don't really know!  I'm happy Emily was one of the first contestants to truly test the the man up for grabs; she hasn't made it too easy on Brad throughout the whole journey! And they are preeetty darn cute if I do say so! Add Ricky into the mix, it's just too cute. 

I need thoughts on this one ya'll - whatcha thinkin?!
XO, Virginia


SJ said...
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SJ said...

I already love your blog, it is so cute!! I read the spoilers too though and was shocked when he chose Emily! I think they are SO cute together except I was little confused about them after watching the After the Rose Ceremony! And don't think you are the only not twenty-something blogger out there, I'm right there with you! haha I saw the thing about your brother and that's so exciting because I'm a freshman at Auburn and I know he will love it because it's an absolutely amazing school!!