Friday, March 11, 2011

I need your help!!

I've decided that one of my purchases in Vail, is going to be a rain jacket because since loosing my light blue North Face rain jacket, I'm in need of a replacement. So here's where you come in. I'm getting a Patagonia rain jacket and can't decide between the green and the yellow! This is important for me, and though it might seem trivial to some I always regret the decisions I make when it comes to color! So help me out and comment which color you like better pu-lease!!

Thanks so much! XO, Virginia


Sella said...

Yellow Please!

sydneyelainejones said...


Rachel @ Just Peachy said...

I love the green! I feel like it may go with more. But the yellow is a good traditional rain color.. hmm I'm no help. Haha


Elizabeth said...

I'm right there with you, I think about purchases for hours before I make up my mind! I'd think about what you'll be wearing with it most of the time. I think yellow looks fabulously chic with black but green more with brown. If you have a pair of rain boots you'll be wearing with the jacket, I'd choose based on which coordinates best with them. Hope this helps!