Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weekend Recap: Uncle's Wedding/Halloween!

This weekend was packed to say the least! To wrap up my first quarter of senior year, we had Monday off, which made Halloween that much sweeter (hah), and I spent it finishing up a a college application, a school project, at the Duke football game, a Wedding, prepping for Halloween, and going to Franklin Street! (UNC for those who aren't familiar with NC geography). 

Leetle Cousins

Cousin, Roxanne
Me with all the cousins, and the Sister
Sister, Dad, Mom, Me, Brother

Beenie Babies with Ke$ha in the middle

Hope you had a great weekend!




elle & em said...

We LOVE your blog! New followers!

alyssa said...

what a cute costume idea! so cute :)

i love your monogram necklace, i've been eyeing one for a while