Friday, February 3, 2012

Cut It Out

I feel like every clothing website I go to now has at least one piece of clothing with cut outs so in light of the trend, I decided to show you a few items that I'm loving!







What do you think about the cut out trend? Are you going to try it out or pass on it?




Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

Ooh I love your picks, I'd definitely like to add one of those cutout tops to my closet! Have a great weekend! Xoxo

Valerie Griffin said...

WHERE is that swimsuit from?! LOVE IT!

Monica's Notebook said...

you picked some GOOD ones!! :] I think im liking the cut out trend, but not lovinggg it just yet.

LJE said...

I really like it! I agree, you picked some good ones!

Bickley said...

I am loving that black shirt, second-from-the-bottom!! I also love the swimsuit, but it would look terrible on me; this, I already know. ;)

I stopped by to let you know I tagged you in my most recent post…check it out!

<3 Erin @ StrictlyBickley

SimplyHeather said...

I really like the cut out trend! Definitely going to be perfect for Spring!

Caitlin C. said...

I loveee these cutout tops! I need some for spring :)

Roxy said...

That bikini is very cute. I kind of like the cutout trend. I only have one cutout blouse myself but I'd love to get more into the trend.

Olivia Kitchens said...

Love the white and silver tops..

Sharon said...

LOVE this trend... especially cut out dresses :)

Ally said...

Loving the purple tank! would be so cute over a bandeau or swimsuit when it warms it summer yet?!

Coral said...

Love the idea of cut outs, they add style to the garment, Although I think some cut outs can be a bit too, 'cut out'.

I really Love your blog & i'm now a new follower! Please check out mine, thank you :)
- Coral

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