Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Recap: Presents and Events!

2010 has been one of my favorite Christmas' thus far. Not only were there low expectations that were exceeded by a longshot, but being with family and going to the farm felt particularly special this year. My parents warned us yet again with the "This year is going to be your smallest Christmas yet so don't get excited I mean it this year", and while I get that every year from that I really believed them this year. My christmas list consisted of three things and none of them were things I couldn't live without. We went to church at the local Chapel on Christmas Eve, and then a quick party and then got home for dinner around 8. We ate yummy soup, opened up our traditional Jammies from Grammy and went to my brothers room where my sister and I always sleep on the floor the night before Christmas. While usually I lie awake restlessly in anticipation for Santa to come, I was feeling tired (thank goodness!) and fell right asleep. When I woke up it was already eight fifteen and eight thirty is the time when we're allowed to go see if Santa came! Yet again he came through, bringing me my favorite gift of the day, a swirly initial "V" gold necklace by Jennifer Zeuner that I have been wanting for for-eeever! I was so excited to see what it looked like because online there are only pictures of "T" and "L", and I lose the "V"! The next thing I got was a ring from my grandma that I absolutely love, and my next favorite thing a monogrammed blackberry case I have been dying for!  Lots of other fun goodies but I'll stop at that. Overall, such a fun Christmas and my parents again went all out. Hope everyone had wonderful Christmas' I'd love to hear your favorite gifts you received or gave!
xoxo, Virginia
Bad picture, but here's my "V" Jennifer Zeuner necklace! I absolutely love it!


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