Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day at the Farm!

      So the title of my blog might just sound like I'm another girl who lives in the south but doesn't live like it, but that's not me. My grandpa on my dad's side owns a farm on the Coast, and it's about 800 acres and that's where I went this week! The house on the land is where we stay the night and it was built in the 1700's and is veeery old and dirty inside, so we only stay a few days at a time and this time was my favorite time we've ever been. The first day we went was the day after a big snow and the ground was absolutely covered. At home there were about four inches of snow but there were at least seven or eight at the farm. I left with my dad and brother and my mom and sister stayed at home so we had a little more freedom to be wild and have fun, because that's what Dad's are for (sorry mom, love you!). My dad was thinking of things to do while we drove because it's a two to three hour drive and the first thing he threw out was tubing. Tubing..?? It was thirty two degrees and we were not about to get on the boat much less in the water so before he finished I cut him off and made sure he knew my answer was "NO!" But as he continued afterwards he explained he didn't mean tubing on the water..he meant in the field over the snow behind our big blue Ford Raptor truck! (Pictures below!)My brother and I jumped on the idea and it was the first thing we started preparing for when we unloaded all of our things into the car.
          As we got ready to drive from the house to the building with the tube we noticed a car pulling up to the house. This was peculiar because my grandpa who owned the farm passed away over a year ago and nobody was allowed on the farm other than our family (my dad has five siblings with families who own it also), and he didn't know of anyone else coming down that weekend. But we were wrong! My uncle came down with his two boys and we all tubed together. It was so much fun and so redneck but I can't remember the last time I did something weird like that and I can't wait to do it again! The next fun thing was a night four wheeler "bear hunt" where we searched for bears simply to see because they don't hibernate around here! The search was unsuccessful but many deers were spotted and it was magical seeing all of the snow at night! Very fun trip, but it's been nice being able to shower again at home!
My cousins, brother and I on the tube!
Big blue truck that pulled the tube!

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