Sunday, December 26, 2010

David Yurman n00b

So I am new to loving David Yurman, which by no means means that I am not now obsessed with it, just means that I was unaware of the never out of style trend until now. My mother, though a sorority girl and fashionista herself, has been reluctant to introduce me to brands that are going to make her wish I had never heard of them.  One of my good friends has a lot of Yurman and has convinced me it's an investment worth making. I am now in love with Yurman also, and faced with a tough dilemma. It is time for my first piece  and I can't decide what I love the most! My budget is five hundred and I am thinking of going for basic so that I will have a piece I can wear with everything since it'll be my only piece so far! The two front runners are the silver cable bracelet with gold and pearls and the silver bracelet with gold. This is my first blog post ever so I suppose an introduction would have been more appropriate but I'll get to that later I was too anxious I had to write this first! Will write later!


Rachel said...

WELCOME to David Yurmania... (see what I did there? ha I'm clever... not)

I think both bracelets you are thinking about are definitely good investments. Personally, I would choose the pearl one because it just stands out a little more than the regular silver and gold BUT I think the silver and gold could be more compatible with all jewelry.. you can wear it with silver OR gold.

I just got a ring and had to choose between silver and diamonds and silver and gold and I ended up choosing the diamonds, but sometimes I wish I would have chosen the silver and gold so it would look better with my gold watch.

Good luck and enjoy!! You'll love it.

Rachel said...

OH and another thing.. if you can go to a store and look at your options DO IT. They make them look different on the website. They are much more understated in person. More so in the rings, but in the bracelets as well. Hope this helps :)