Saturday, January 1, 2011

11:11 1/1/11 - MAKE A WISH (Or a Resolution!)

         So first off, I'll start off with reporting my NYE festivities. My parents headed to their friends and I went in the opposite direction as most teenagers choose to. I think my outfit is obviously the most important thing of the night so I'll start with that! I wore a simple A-Line black dress and a tan/gold belt with my favorite crossbody bag, and the best part GLITTER HEELS!
          First I headed to what I'd call a gathering-not a party, and then opted out with a friend for a more eventful time.Then we resorted to ending the night at my house to watch the ball drop! Overall, very fun NYE, and very excited to be beginning a new year! 
         I looked at the clock at 11:11 on the way to the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the state art museum with the family and made sure everyone  made a wish. I decided for my wish, to ask that my New Years Resolutions actually come true! I've been thinking about what to make my resolutions about for quite some time and I think that I'm going to make more typical ones than I usually do. 

1.) Have a consistent running schedule to get in shape for lacrosse, and stick to it!
2.) Get a job to fund my picky taste!
3.) Stay more organized in everything that I do
4.) Continue writing on this blog!

I was so excited when I realized what time I'd really wished at. 11:11 on 1/1/11! Now I'm not one who truly believes in wishes, I just do this for fun, but maybe this year I will be able to stick to it! If you're reading this, please post your resolutions, I'd love to hear!

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