Monday, January 31, 2011

Wait, so does the body come with the suit or no?!

There's nothing like a Victoria's Secret cataloug, or Dallas Cowboy's cheerleaders back on T.V. to motivate a good long workout, or a diet before spring(break)/summer! Well here are a couple suits that I am aiming to buy and I will once I stick to the workout at least five days a week routine for two months. I do love running but I haven't been finding the time even though it's not too hard to do, so these next few months I am making a commitment to, and if I stick to it, these will be my lucky prizes! (All from Victoria's secret, they have the best swimwear!)
Tell me that is not TA-DIE for! So cute, fun and sexay!

Love the turquoise, I've always wanted a white strapless with embellished center, and this one is perfect!

LOVE the top of this, I'm thinking what I'll do though is just get the plain black bottom at old navy for eight dollars instead of paying thirty for a basic; we shall see!

Anyhow, that's the low-down for now and I'll be updating on how this running-veggie routine goes and if I earn my bathing suits! Let's hope for the best :)
Bye for now!

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