Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I'm LOVing Lately!

Okay, so thus far the only resolution I've followed through with (and mind you, this was a very important one!) was getting a job! I am UBER excited to start working I have wanted a job desperately since I started driving and the day has finally come! I start in two weeks, and I'll be working at a brand new self serve frozen yogurt shop! So yes, I won't have TOO much to do, but hey it's a start! 

Now that the new year is here I've decided it's going to be one where I quit thinking and obsessing over all these things I want to buy, and do and just DO IT! Like Nike! (Which, by the way my dad just got a $700 credit for and said I could share!!) But back to the point at hand, today I would like to document a few things that I either have gotten/done, or plan on getting/doing in the few coming months!

First: Katy Perry Teenage Dream Pink Sparkle nail polish by OPI! As you'll soon learn, I am obsessed with nail polish particularly OPI and Essie! In fact, I'm kind of a nail polish snob and those are the only two brands I like..anyhow I just think it's so fun and girly and nothing like what I've been wearing lately!

I went last night with several friends, SO fun! I must admit of eight people I came in very far last. No matter how fun it is I am still 100% terrible! 

I am going to do a separate post on spring clothes and bathing suits but I am LOVING that there is no more snow on the grounds right now, and that today was 60 and sunny! Please more of these days Lord? ;)

I'd forgotten all about him for about four months to be perfectly honest and coincidentally was listening to him on the way to school and came home to find out he's going to be thirty minutes from me in two weeks! I jumped on the opportunity to see him and bought tickets with a friend! I am beyond excited and have been listening to him since I found out!

I ordered this almost a week ago and it gets here tuesday! I am so so excited! The Keychain is $55.00 plus shipping, but if you have a smartphone then mobile orders ship free! I will post a picture when it's in my hands in a few days and tell if it's worth it (Ha, of course it is!)

I should probably get some sleep before this five day week, YUCK! 


Ashley Lauren said...

I've been trying to get my hands on that nail polish for awhile girl!! It looks fab on you!!! I love that TB keyfob! It's to die for-and PINK!!! love it <3

Jules said...

Super cute blog! I just picked up a bottle of Teenage Dream the other week and it's the perfect sparkly pink shade. That Tory Burch keychain is so cute. I'm sure you'll love it.

I haven't been late night bowling in forever. It really is a blast!