Monday, December 19, 2011

Andre Dawkins Behind & Facebook Boycott

Can we talk about the new FB timeline? Time for an official Facebook boycott. I'm telling ya, I am d.o.n.e. with that site. (Not at all, but whatever..) If you have a Facebook, what are your thoughts about the new "timeline"?

We get pretty darn good tickets to the Duke Basketball games, which I never go to, but my Dad begged me to go tonight, and I agreed to go for the first half. Wow-ey! I forgot how much fun they are. I swear right after I took this picture (to show the proximity of the players, not to be creepy, I promise... ha!) Andre's full moon was exposed while he tucked in his jersey...oops!
Looks like that guy     ^^^ had quite the view!
I'll leave you with some yummy Christmas treats to get you in the 20 pound gaining holiday spirit!
{12 Layer Cake}

{Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Marshmallows}

{Peppermint Punch}
I feel full just looking at the pictures, yummy!

Happy Monday!




Emily said...

I love facebook timeline, I just switched to it 2 days ago :) It lets you do a week trial, you should see what you think.

xx Emily @

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

I looove the treats! I wish I was that good of a baker! (giveaway!!!)

xx Stevy xx

Brittany said...

haaaaate the facebook timeline! I'm on the trial right now (it's not live to my friends yet) but I want it gone and it won't go away :( those treats look soo yummy!

Katie said...

Facebook timeline is one of the biggest headache producers ever. It is so busy and hard to figure out! I want my old Facebook back!!!

Sarah said...

I'm always terrified of Facebook changes, and Timeline is no exception. I'm still pretty timid.

Ally said...

I am SOO hating the new FB timeline. I've seen peoples profiles with it and it just gives me a headache, plus who wants to know what I was doing in 2007... really?!