Monday, December 19, 2011

How'm I Supposed To Breathe With No Air

Ha! I thought I was so clever with the title, whatevs. So I was the weird one on Prom Committee who suggested instead of spending money on silly decorations and such, we set aside money for something fun like: an OXYGEN bar!! How fun, right?! I thought it would make us feel so old, chic and rejuvenated but, shockingly, nobody went for it.

 I decided that I would at least have to try out the one in Raleigh on my own sometime, but there was a problem. Who would go with me? I found the perfect solution when my friend told me she wanted basically a stress free distraction day to get her mind off something big happening that day. Bingo!! If nobody will go willingly, I will drag them unknowingly and accomplish my mission! Well, this girl is happy to report that the mission has been accomplished.
And I've got a picture to prove it.
My friend who was nice enough to humor me and try it out!! 
It wasn't the flavored oxygen {Watermelon, Lime, Island Mango} that was the best part to be honest, but the cool massager thing they put on us and the sodium blahblahblah thing they put on our backs! {AKA glorified heating pad}.

 In other news, I found my Easter dress!! {Well, probably/maybe}
LaRouque, the custom dress company- most famous for designing dresses for the Carolina Cup- has gone wholesale!! This means I'll be able to buy this lovely without trekking down to Charleston {which I'll be doing in late April anyhow for my Grandparent's 50th-wooohoo!!!!!} 
How cute is this?!
Have you ever tried an oxygen bar?! What were your thoughts? Do you want to try one if you haven't already? Am I crazy for shopping this far ahead? No wait, don't answer that one...

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Brittany said...

OMG. That dress is adorable! You should definitely get it. Don't worry I shop ahead too :D

Rachel R said...

I want to try one!!! They seem so weird and cool. Haha LOVE the dress!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Cute dress!

There was an oxygen bar near us when we lived in Shreveport but I am so easily grossed out by things I never tried it. Kinda wish I had. However, I get the oxygen high twice a year when I go to the dentist ;)

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Sarah said...

I love that dress! I've never tried an oxygen bar, I'm still a little skeptical. Haha.

Turtles and Pearls said...

I am in love with that dress!!! I always always shop ahead, but usually end up changing my mind like five times. Its okay to be indecisive, right?