Friday, December 16, 2011

Your Husband's Perspective

I am obviously not married, but this reminds me of my talkative mother and one of her friends...sorry mom! This song is one of my all time favorites - thank you 94.7 for reminding me that it exists!
Take it away, Toby....
Anyone else laugh when they listen to this?!

And the song I've had on replay this week...

Obsessed. Does this stick in your head like it does in mine??
I am ALMOST done with Christmas shopping-not really at all, but my brother and Dad are checked off the list!

I bought my brother this shirt from Orvis:
I had a $25 off card that was only available in stores, but my store didn't have this shirt so they let me use it online-yay! Good customer service is a big plus in my book. Well, it is in everyones..but I was grateful :)
I bought this bowtie for my dad because he's obsessed with Churchill, and I'm excited to introduce him to this cool company!

They have a bunch of other bowties that are great for gifting!
I used the code "TFM" which gives 20% off all neckwear. 
To end on a glamorous note

Happy Friday!



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Rebecca said...

i love that hunter hayes song! thanks for introducing me to some awesome music =]
Btw, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog right now so if you wanna win something cute you should check it out =]